Attached below are resources for the Latin American Unit.

Latin America Physical Geography mini DBQ
Latin America Geography Mini Q.pdf

Environmental Issues Chart
SS6G2 Environmental Issues.doc

Venezuela Oil Pouution Article

Latin America Mini Q and Project task.
    Below is all the information needed to complete your Environmental Issues project task. I have decided to ouch the due date back to March 1.
Mini Q:
Environmental Issues DBQ.pdf

Directions: (Task is on last page of PDF.
     1. Students will choose one of the three environmental issues to
        write about.
     2. They must choose a side froma crediable viewpoint. For example
        they might be an environmentalist, a government official, a
        business person, etc.
     3. They will then write a short report, no more than one page, 
        argueing their position on the issue they chose. 
     4. They need to include what they believe is causing the 
        pollution,  conseuquences, economic benefits, and possible 
        solutions in their writing. Again, from their viewpoint not 
        personal feelings.
     5. Then they will create a flyer (paper, posterboard, or on the PC)
        about their environmental issue. The flyer again must reflect 
        their characters viewpoint. The flyer should be colorful and
        stand out. This should reinforce their point of view in which
        they are arguing.

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